Thank You


Hopefully you've all been enjoying "Nostalgic" for a few days now (wink, wink) so I'd like to take the opportunity to thank my "team" of people who helped make this a reality. A huge shout out to these folks for their extra support, time, and talents... I'm truly humbled and so grateful.

Sonia Nuno - Thank you for designing the stellar EP artwork, taking all of my photos, shooting video footage, and making me look cool. You're so freaking talented!

Mark Rataj - Your unparalleled support and encouragement have been a huge driving force behind me and my music since the beginning. Wouldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for everything.

Catharine Wood at Planetwood Production, Los Angeles - Thank you for not only producing, editing, mixing, and mastering the songs, but for your belief and passion! I really appreciate everything we've accomplished together.

Katie Kerins - You've done too much to list! Thank you for managing all of the non-musical things. Social media, shows, scheduling, etc... I can never thank you enough for the time you've put into making this whole thing happen! 

Mel Nelson - Thank you for the amazing editing job you did on my "Behind the Song" videos. You're amazing, and I cannot wait to actually meet you in person in T-minus 2 days.

Nicole Bell - Thank you for all of the videos you've done for me, especially the one where we dragged my keyboard up a mountain! ;-) And, for attending all of my shows! 

Fawn Testa - Thank you so much for helping with the college submission video and some other things we have in the works! I'm excited to see how it all turns out.

Allen Aces - You did an amazing job on the "Casualty" music video. Props to you!

My family - Thank you all for putting up with the noise I've made for the past 20 years. Let's hope it pays off!