Help Me Name My New EP

After several years of being away from music, last February I decided that my break was over. I contacted a producer friend and recorded "Casualty" over the summer. By October, I was playing shows again. In November, I shot my first music video. In December, I released my first single. Now, I'm recording the rest of the songs that will be on my first EP, due this summer, produced by Catharine Wood at Planetwood Productions Studio, Los Angeles.

All of the songs that will be included on this project were written over the course of the past 7 years. They represent that period of time that straddles post-teen years and adulthood. Reviving these songs and introducing them to the world reminds me of a lot of the "first" experiences that they were born from: loss, love, outgrowing old friendships, heartbreak... good ol' growing pains! I get a deep sense of nostalgia from them. I hope you will too.

With that said, I am in the process of naming this EP. I'd like to ask you to help me in the brainstorming process with your own ideas! If anything comes to mind, please comment here, on social media, text me, email me, or send me an owl. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Make sure to stay in touch with me along the way. I'll be posting updates on this blog and documenting the process as it happens on my social media channels (see the links at the bottom of my page) and via my email list. Talk to you soon!