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General Information

Contact: Katie Kerins (manager) - or (978) 866-4412

Genre: Soulful pop / singer-songwriter


Private stream of “Sorry,” now available on all streaming platforms.

Billy’s previous releases can be heard on Spotify here.


In a culture that has historically worn a reputation that de-emphasizes emotion in men, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Billy Lawler is creating original, heartfelt music that coincides with a new perspective on vulnerability, and the importance of emotional expression in order to create better connections.

“At certain points throughout the creative process, I find myself feeling self-conscious about being too emotional in my writing. I have had that voice in my head that worries about how I’m portraying myself—am I being too exposed, too vulnerable, too weak? I’m trying to turn that voice off. We all identify with these elements of the human experience, and I think it’s time to emphasize authenticity and connection, and to make wearing our hearts on our sleeves a common practice.”

With the release of his upcoming single, “Sorry,” Billy is taking responsibility for the pain caused by ending a relationship, while also trying to understand the process of learning how to love and how that process can affect others.   

“On a deeper level, it’s an opportunity to discuss the power of apology. Imagine a world where genuine measures of expressing sorrow and seeking redemption were as common as the stories of pain and conflict that preceded them. If each and every one of these profound opportunities were pursued, what would the tone of so many recent, important social conversations become?”

Recognized for writing profound songs at the piano that combine a throwback soul vibe with crooning vocals, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Billy Lawler most recently released his latest single, "Sorry," in 2019. His live, acoustic sets from esteemed stages that include Hotel Café, The Viper Room, and NAMM, have drawn comparisons to acts such as Kevin Garrett, James Blake, and Sam Smith. With an appearance on Good Day Sacramento and a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination under his belt, he is currently hard at work on writing new music and sharing stages with other up-and-coming artists, with another single release planned later this year.


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What Everyone else is saying

Lawler has strong musical characteristics that are reminiscent of Donny Hathaway, Ryan Tedder, John Legend and Sam Smith...He tastefully fuses R&B/soul with contemporary pop and a hint of indie alternative, a task so rarely achieved with ease.
— Heather Allen (Music Connection)
I really connect to Billy’s music. I feel his strength and sensitivity through his great voice, lyrics, and melodies.
— Lisa Loeb (GRAMMY winning singer-songwriter)
If Sam Smith’s success is any indication, Lawler definitely has a shot—with his soulful croon and piano-pop ballads, Lawler would make any Smith fan swoon... R&B influence, sparse instrumentation, emotional falsetto and just plain prettiness.
— Janelle Bitker (Sacramento News & Review)

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