EP Release Show @ Hotel Cafe

On February 14, 2015, I verbalized an idea that I’d been keeping to myself. I told another person that I wanted to record my music, shoot a music video, and perform at The Hotel Cafe. I gave myself the deadline of my next birthday. At that point, all I had was a handful of songs and low expectations.

Now, over a year later, that idea is being realized. I’ve been working tirelessly in my spare time (along with a manger, producer, and several friends who have helped provide me with equipment, photos, graphic design, and videos) to record my songs, build a website, post on social media, book shows, rehearse, travel, get press, and spread the word. It’s been wild, exhausting, exciting, and surreal.  

On June 24th (3 days shy of my next birthday), I will be releasing my first EP, and I will be performing the songs live at The Hotel Cafe. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been along for the ride in some way—thank you for every Facebook like, comment, share, YouTube view, Instagram heart, retweet, and ticket sale. I wouldn’t be doing this without any of you!

I hope to see you at The Hotel Cafe on June 24th at 9pm. You can get your tickets here

Photo and art credit: Sonia Nuño